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Nsuani Baffoe • CEO

For over a decade Nsuani has built high performing Personal Training cohorts, coaching individuals and teams to succeed in the most demanding markets. He is responsible for more than 130 Personal Trainers, influencing the lives and health of over 2000 clients.


Nsuani is regarded as a strong coach, people leader, and team player, gaining national recognition as a  4x recipient of the National Award for Manager Excellence. Recognized for his success developing, coaching, and mentoring top Personal Training teams across the country, Nsuani has been responsible for enabling teams to consistently surpass over 3 million in annual revenue.


From individuals starting out in the industry to seasoned professionals and leaders, you can find him sharing his knowledge and expertise on the gym floor, to guiding experienced executives, investors, and club leadership around the board room table. 


He is a fierce advocate for self development, and a trusted advisor to all, helping steer the vision for the future of fitness in Canada.

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